Happy New Year!

Aligning With the Source

Your Ultimate Supply Comes from the Divine

By Speaker and Author, Gigi Brown


Welcome to a new year! This is a year like no other year. Let’s pause right here, right now and affirm that this is a year filled with an endless supply of good. Please repeat with me, my good flows to me uninterrupted and easily as it takes the form of peace, love, great health, and financial blessings. In 2020 there is plenty for each one of us. 

This is the year that we move past limiting thoughts of lack, shame, fear, and past actions that do not align with our truth. In this year we expand our consciousness. In expanding our consciousness, we accept that the source of our supply and of all that is good loves us unconditionally. Nothing we ever do or say can separate us from this truth. We accept that there is a Divine Intelligence within us.  Divine Intelligence is always available and delivers only good to us.  

This Intelligence, some call Source Energy, Divine Mind, Divine Intelligence, God, Buddha, Allah, and many other names, regardless of the name used, this energy is one and the same. Do not become overly attached to the name, become attached to the energy, the spirit of the energy. The most powerful energy of Divine Mind is that of love. In 2020, we become more aware of our feelings, of the energy that is within us, and the energy that is in our immediate environment. We always have the choice to choose peace and love. In 2020, we consistently and intentionally choose peace and love. We radiate peace and love and in return we experience peace and love. What we give out always returns to us multiplied.

As we allow Source Energy to guide us, we align with the source of our supply. Onlookers may view our manifestations as miracles, as our alignment with Source Energy delivers good after good over and over to us. For when we allow ourselves to be guided by Source, we are in alignment with the good that is ours to receive. Remember the good that you desire is always at a high, energetic vibration and that is also where our Creator is. 

On December 31st of 2019, I gave my letter of resignation from my employer of almost 12 years.  I do not have a new job, or a large sum of money saved up. I do have something much, much better. I have a firm faith. A lack mindset might say, how can you walk away from a decent paying job without money saved or a new job? I answer that once we realize the source of our supply, we move in the spirit of faith. I am not suggesting that all that read this that are unhappy, frustrated, angry, etc. with their job or even those that are just ready for a new challenge leave their job. No, do the work to understand what happiness is to you, to discover why you are frustrated, angry, disappointed, and/or what challenge you are desiring, etc.  We should always do our work first. Our work is two parts, one part is confronting ourselves and asking the big questions of ourselves, for example, what do I want? What is happiness? What is the Divine Plan for my life (because there is a Divine Plan for your life)? How do I allow my good to come to me? Who Am I? 

The other part is firming our faith. Firming our faith means doing the work to understand who our Creator is to us. This is a very personal work that each of us must do. Yes, there are those like me whose mission is to assist you, but be clear, the work is yours, ours to do. Doing the work means spending time in stillness and silence and allowing answers to your asked questions to emerge.  In 2020, take the time to align with who you are and who God is to you.  

What is the major work of aligning with the source of our supply? The major work is awareness and reforming our thoughts. During our stillness, we receive instructions that we often miss during the noise of being in motion. 49 Days, A Firm Faith: Forging Your Destiny my next book is a result of the work of firming my faith. When we open ourselves to doing the work that is the Divine Plan for our lives, it blesses us and blesses others. I look forward to presenting this co-creation of work soon and pray that it blesses you as you do your own work of firming your faith.

Handing in my resignation took me months to arrive at. It took months because I had to do the work to expand my consciousness. I needed to first know that my employer was a byproduct of my true supplier, which I call God. I had to know this in my spirit as this is the only way to truly believe it. Once I began to know that God supplied that job and will supply another job, making the decision without fear became possible.

In 2020, we live as the prosperous spiritual beings that we are. We live a life of great faith as we align our thoughts, words, and actions with courage, love, peace, and abundant well being. This year, we embrace a prosperous mindset that is influenced by a spirit of obedience and love for our Creator. We begin the year, this first month by welcoming in the power of faith. We acknowledge that according to our faith our manifestations come forth.  

I urge you to develop a consistency of sitting in stillness. Be gentle with yourself and your thoughts. In the stillness you will find out who you are and who your Creator is.  And you will find that you have so much in common. You will align with the source of your supply.

Powerful affirmations to begin your faith journey are below. My prayers and highest vibrations are with you!

Affirm: (remember to use the name that feels right to your spirit).

*God you are welcome in my life.

*I place my trust in the Divine Intelligence that lives within me.

*Divine Intelligence reform any thoughts that are not loving and true and renew my mind for the transformation of my life.

*It is my faith that makes all things possible.

*Divine Intelligence reveal to me the Divine Plan for my life.

Yours in great faith!



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