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Developing Positive People, Leaders, Organizations and Teams. Gigi Brown is a Speaker and Amazon Bestselling Author of The Courage to Sit: Giving Forgiveness and Love to Yourself and Embracing a Life of Joy.

"Sooner or later your dream will wake you up and it will not sleep even when you do." 



Amazon Best-Selling Author and Compelling Speaker

Gigi Brown's books and talks have inspired readers and audiences across the United States to delve into their past in order to create a great future.
Gigi is  passionate about inspiring others to live their best life.

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Gigi Brown was born in North Carolina and raised in Pittsboro and Goldston, two small towns that she credits with instilling within her a love for community and the outdoors. As a child, she wrote poetry and often engaged in writing short stories.

Gigi is grateful to have returned to her love of the written word. She is the author of The Courage to Sit: Giving Forgiveness and Love to Yourself and Embracing a Life of Joy (Book 1 in the Courage for Life Series. Book 2 in the series is currently in the writing stage).

Gigi is also a co-author of the anthology Women of Influence: Stories to Inspire, Encourage, and Empower the Professional Woman.

A John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Gigi is a Master Encourager on a quest to encourage millions through her writings, talks, and seminars. Follow Gigi @GigiBrownSpeaks on Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook at Get Inspired, Give Inspiration and Gigi Brown.

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